Nikola Miljkovic AKT PREDNJA_resize

Naked body, as an eternal inspiration, always between sensuality, Eros and holiness, follows the history of man since ancient times. Through the eyes of a young and talented photographer Nikola Miljkovic, once again, has been raised above the personal and banal. Occupied with woman figure, maturity of her body with all its imperfections, avoiding additional processing, he managed not to leave us indifferent.

Playing with composition, harmony of lines, playing with light and shadow, he explores his options and often brings his work to the limits of abstraction. Although the female body is the theme of his work, he has repeatedly managed to overcome a purely figurative presentation of naked female body, communicating with the viewer mostly through the light and line.

The work of Nikola Miljkovic certainly is not yet another homage to the female body; celebration of its sensuality and eroticism. While remaining true to himself, taking the female body as a central motif of his works, he takes a step further. Various layers of meaning of these works are confusing and cast a doubt on their interpretation. Looking at them as a whole, the question is whether they are all interconnected, leaving us space to think about the story behind them. Either  the gracious and exaggerated positions are at question, or dealing with motion and movement of the body would not be the first time the subject of his research. Sensuousness and sensuality, skin texture, are never completely forgotten.

Katarina Cudic

Art historian