Photo Club “APOLO” (Kragujevac), FOTORAMA Fest (Kragujevac)


The right to participate have all  photographers, both amateur or professional from all around the world.


(A)  “ N – ELEMENTS”  – This topic gives  importance to Elements of Nature (Nature Elements), water, fire, earth and air. Show us the elements in its full power and beauty, from natural phenomena  to  weather conditions, the interaction between the elements and the relationship of humanity to them.

(B)    “E – MOTIONS” –  Of course ,the main motif of this theme is emotion in motion,. Movement in all shapes, pulse of energy and emotion caught at the right moment on your photo is our goal .. Send us a shot that captures the energy and drama of a perfect movement.

(C)    “W – CHANGE”- This topic gives importance to environment and its people. The changes are an integral part of our lives and it happens every day. Show us how  we change the people, the environment and nature. On your photos we would like to see how people are changing the lives of the rest of mankind in one way or another, show us how you change the world around you with your art.



We recived nearly 3000 images from more than 500 authors all around the world ( Italy, Slovenia, Mazowieckie, Bosnia &Hercegovina, Croatia, Portugal, Brazil,India, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Voetnam, Montenegro, India, Macedonija, Mexico, France, UK, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, USA, Serbia, China, Hungary,Japan, ….)

The results are:


Winer of the W- Change category and overall winner of the PICK`S contest 

  • Stepanenko Alexander ( photo “Strange dream”)

Nagrada-Stepanenko Alexander-Strange dream

Highly Comended 

  • Bojan Dzodan (photo :Promena)
  • Josef Hinterleitner ( photo: Betonbäumchen)
  • Anik Rahman ( photo :Toxic Bath)


Accepted Authors:

  • Novikov Vitaliy
  • Katica Nisavic
  • Snjezana Bratanovic
  • Hansa Tangmanpoowadol
  • Nikola Milosevic
  • Olivera Radmanovic
  • Giacomo Livotto
  • Igor Jankovski
  • Krishnasis Ghosh
  • Puranjit Gangopadhyay
  • KwiatkowskaAgnieszka
  • Janko Jerinic


Winer of the E-MOTION category: 

  • Ivan Spasic (photo: “Freedom”)

B1-ivan spasic-freedom

Highly Comended 

  • Ajbar Mujanovic (photo: Ne moze tako)
  • Jaydip Bhattacharya (photo:Childhood)
  • Goran Bajic (photo: Yesterday)


Accepted Authors: 

  • Zlatko Milojicic
  • Vuk Adzic
  • Aleksandar Budjevac
  • Felicia Simion
  • Tijana Lubura
  • Bojan Petrovic
  • Nageswaran
  • Puranjit Gangopadhyay
  • Mikica Andrejic
  • Novikov Vitaliy
  • Elli Kraizberg
  • Vladica Adamov


Winer of the N-ELEMENTS category: 

  • Felicia Simion (photo: The Middle)

A2-felicia simion-the middle

Highly Comended 

  • Kelsey Walsh (photo: Breath)
  • Olivera Radmanovic (photo: Cekanje)
  • Tiasa Chaudhuri (photo: Little Help)


Accepted Authors:

  • Goran Popovic
  • Hansa Tangmanpoowadol
  • Zoran Radobeg
  • Senad Tahmaz
  • Debdatta Chakraborty
  • Goran Bisic
  • Allan Dransfield
  • Antoniya Marinova
  • Anik Rahman
  • Dusan Stojancevic
  • Marko Zamurovic
  • Wiliam Le


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