Ko Yamada  predavanje event eng slika

Ko Yamada has been practicing conceptual art projects basically about one’s state or
definition of boundaries of self with photography and various kind of media. His thinking
process is originated from production processes and definitions of photography itself.

For Fotorama 06, he would talk about the concept of one’s absence which is the main
theme of his photography and art project for the last ten years by presenting his art
projects including his recent photography projects. He would also talk about how you can
capture something invisible or something physically do not exist in your photographs.

Since, you are always with you, you would never confront with your absence.
Your absence would always be informed and recognized by someone who is not you.

“Absence of yourself” belongs to someone permanently.
One’s body can only exist in very limited time and space.

So, you would be absent at almost all occasions.

However, you are not completed in your body.
You would emerge in the world through someone’s minds, words, things and images captured by

That is why, I photograph you here.
To try to capture your absence.

Because, the rest of the world is occupied by your absence.

Ko Yamada


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