Muga Shimosato



MUGA is a visual artist lives and works in Aichi, Japan. Once a professional snowboarder, fashion buyer and antique dealer, from 2018 he studied fine art photography at Chojamachi School of Arts under Ko Yamada for four years, he now directs and manages three companies MUGA focuses on using photography as his primary creative medium.


MUGA’s work wishes to guide the audience for an internal dialogue about fabricated facts. The artist was named after a Buddhism concept of selfless or enlightenment — ‘Muga’, whilst being influenced by an Eastern philosophy: “Mui Shizen” originated from Taoism, which broadly talks about an lifestyle or mindset without intervention and intention. The artist reinterprets these ancient ideals in a modern way, through his own lens, the artist creates his work encompassing the dualism of humor and fetish. MUGA intends to convey a metaphorical worldview that allows an open yet complicated relationship with conceptions and perceptions.

In 2019, MUGA published „The window“ as an inside himself approach. He made his artist debut at the group exhibition „A double helix of Kinsey“ held at the Natural History Museum in the city Graz, Austria. In 2020, he published “ Just a thin paper“ as a way of approaching fiction, people’s perception. Then he won third place in the IPA photography award „Abstract“ category of the international photography festival. After then, He has opened his first solo exhibition „The Color of My Maze“ in 2021, And in 2022 opening exhibition „d ●●● p ▲▲ i ■■■“ of new contemporary art gallery Coco gallery Kyoto.





Designmonat Graz

Exhibition „A double helix of Kinsey“

(UNESCO City of Design / Natural History Museum Joanneumsviertel / Graz / Austria)



Exhibition „Ground / Home“

(Gallery Menio / Nagoya / Japan)

Exhibition „Ground / Home“

(FOTORAMA X / The Vuk Karadžić National Library / Kragujevac/Serbia)



Exhibition „Internal Resorts“

(FOTORAMA X / The Vuk Karadžić National Museum / Kragujevac/Serbia)

Exhibition „FOUR PLANES“

(De merkenwinkel / Amsterdam / Netherlands)




Exhibition „The Color of My Maze“

( MOGANA / Kyoto / Japan )



Exhibition „d●●●p▲▲i■■■“

( COCO gallery / Kyoto / Japan )




IPA Photography Awards 2019

Honorable Mention , FineArt , Collage

Honorable Mention , FineArt , Other



IPA Photography Awards 2020

3rd Place , FineArt , Abstract



Gallery 9

(Amsterdam / Netherlands)



(Düsseldorf / Germany)